Why choose Rainbow Station

as the partner for your franchise investment

A business model that is proven and successful

Our franchise model will ensure that your mission for quality education will be met with success.

Attractive Returns

Demonstrated corporate school profit with an EBITDA (on average per location) greater than $580,000, for six years in a row

Low Risk

We have never closed a school

Industry Leading Accreditation

Accredited by the most prestigious and rigorous accreditors in the industry: NAEYC & AdvancEd

A High Standard of Education

Our high standards and quality controls are rarely found in early childhood education programs. Rainbow Station teachers, facilities and curriculum are the best in the market.

The Best Teachers in the Industry

Our proprietary curriculum provides structure and encourages teacher and administrator ownership, innovation, and collaboration. We welcome individual teacher creativity and engagement, instrumental in retaining the most talented teachers.

A Proprietary Curriculum

A proprietary curriculum which provides structure, but allows for individual teacher creativity and engagement—an aspect that has been instrumental in retaining the most talented teachers

A System That Supports Ownership

A system that encourages teacher and administrator ownership, innovation, and collaboration.

Incomparable Market Differentiators

Facilities designed to comfort and welcome parents, inspire teachers and to enhance each child’s daily experience.

On-Site Nursing Care in the Get Well Place

Emergency back-up care for the mildly ill child, and on-site nursing care for children enrolled at Rainbow Station

All Inclusive Family Support

The most all-inclusive family support—in addition to quality education (e.g. meals, diapers, transportation to and from school and activities, on site health care)

Commitment to a Nurturing Environment.

Rainbow Station provides a stable and nurturing environment for our children with our distinctive approach to classroom management (link to stable classroom language)

Did you know?

A child without quality early education is:

more likely to drop out of school.


more likely to become a teenage parent.


more likely to be arrested for a violent crime