Whom We’re Seeking

to become a Rainbow Station franchisee

If you share our deep passion for developing leaders one child at a time, we invite you to become a Rainbow Station franchisee.

Business Minded

Your education and career thus far have laid the foundation. Now, with a clear understanding of what it takes to run a successful business, you are poised to launch your own.

Family Oriented

We are a family business, quite literally. Opening a Rainbow Station in your community provides a support system today's families need. And, at the same time, owning a Rainbow Station can afford you the ability to devote more time to your own family. If family is your focus, then we are a good match.

A People Person

It almost goes without saying. When your business is teaching young children, the ability to “play well with others” is an essential element.

2 Building Campus
1 Building Campus
Net Worth: minimum $2.5 million
Liquid Assets: $1.5 million
Net Worth: minimum $1.5 million
Liquid Assets: $750,000-$850,000

*Inquire about leasing options, which will reduce the initial cash requirement.